Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Got a Second Job!!

I work as a Co-op student @ the army depot making $12.81 an hour, great right? Wrong! Since I'm a Co-op, I'm only allowed to have 35 hours every two weeks, and considering the costs of gas, and extra things, thats just not cutting it! I decided it was time for me to get another job a while ago, and filled out some applications a few weeks ago. I went for an interview today with ITC Deltacom (a telephone operator service) and got hired!

There I will be getting at least 20-32 hours every WEEK not two, and the best part is Deltacom gets paid the week that the depot doesn't, so I should be STRAIGHT! They pay $7.00 an hour, and at the end of each month you get evaluated, and if you did good that month, you'll get a $50 bonus on your next check, which is a pretty good incentive to do a good job. My mom thinks that I'm going to quite after a while, but we'll see. I start training August 11th, and I'm just ready to get the money rolling in! Hopefully I'll like the enviroment, and there won't be any problems. I am worried about working taking up allll of my time, but hopefully it won't.

Getting another job was so necessary because in the beginning, I was ballin, and now that I can't it sucks! I'm getting that SWAG up again, I'm tryna tell ya'll. lol. Plus, paypal keeps messing with my account, I'm about to act a nut on them! Anywho, there are some things that I'm going to have to get ASAP like a laptop, and a new AT&T cellphone, because Tmobile sucks around here, and I wouldn't be able to do this without another J.O.B.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Total Package Challenge

The Total Package Challenge is a challenge that I am joining on Long Hair Care Forum. The challenge is all about positive change, and that is something I am passionate about. I find it hard to understand why people hate themselves, because anything that you dislike about yourself, you can change it! It may take some time, but you have a life time! Thats what makes being an individual so wonderful! You can change at your own discretion, whether it be good or bad. I choose good! Ok, enough to it, lets get to it!!

General Goals
Learn to manage my money!
Extend my wardrobe AKA up my SWAG!
Learn about taking care of my hair
Save Money!!

Clear up the credit card issues!
Save at least $500
Stop eating out so much
Stop wasting my money on stupid things

Stop wearing my coveralls to school
Pick my clothes out at night, iron them, and put them in a bag for the next day
Buy a new outfit whenever I get paid
Buy a pair of shoes whenever I get paid
Buy more accessories
I will figure out my style!
I want to learn to do my own manicures & pedicures
Buy a new makeup product(s) whenever I get paid
Buy a hard hat dryer
Try the products I have been wanting to try

Stop eating so much junk!
Workout at least 5 times a week
Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
Get my teeth whitened...ZOOM!

Keep good grades!
Buy a laptop

Go to bed at a decent hour (before 1 a.m.)
Start going back to church
Stop using profanity
Make better decisions
Get out more! I'm sick of being in the house!

I'm pretty sure I will be editing this as the challenge progresses, but right now, here is where I stand. I'm ready to take on the challenge!!

I plan on using discipline, willpower, and rewarding myself to achieve my goals!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Beginning of a new Jasmine

My name is Jasmine, and I am 18 years old. I must admit that this blog was a "I'm so bored" kinda thing, but we'll see what happens. I live in a really small town in Alabama called Munford. Saying that it is boring would be giving the town some justice. Its so frustrating seeing things prosper around your area, and your own town just became a city : ).

The reason why I am here is because I want to begin a new journey. I'm 18 now, for some reason I know soooo little about the things that intrigue me the most. I love reading magazines about beauty, and I Loooove going through the makeup isles in stores. I feel like I have been left behind, and I'm going to have to catch up! I named this blog So Exquisite because Exquisite is a word I use to describe myself all the time, mostly in a joking manner. lol. I'm ready to live up to the true meaning!

I am beginning a journey to improve my life, and enjoy it. I am on a hair journey to improve my hair, I am on a beauty journey to learn how to enhance my beauty, & I am on a style journey to upgrade my style.

Its time to up my swag!

Thanks for reading!