Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Body Bakery

The Body Bakery is the BEST bakery I've ever been to. To bad its STRICTLY for your body. These delicious body desserts smell so good, they'll make you want to dip your fingers into the product and eat them! If I wasn't afraid of becoming dreadfully sick, I just might try it ;)

I first heard of the body bakery on Youtube. There were a few reviews, and I liked what I was hearing, so I decided to place an order. They arrived in 5 days, and I was soooo excited!! I ordered:

Whipped Cream -- Vanilla Coconut
Bedtime Balm -- Vanilla Pillowzzz
Lip Butter -- Rasberry Lemonade'

YUMMY!! I love vanilla, and the whipped cream is vanilla heaven! I was worried that the coconut would be over bearing in the mix, but the vanilla is clearly dominate. So, if you like Vanilla with a hint of Coconut, you'll LOVE it! The bedtime balm is great! I put it on before I go to bed, and when I wake up my lips are moist and soft. I keep a fan near my face, so this has done wonders! The Rasberry Lemonade' Lip Butter smells like someone just poured lemonade' all over my face, which is perfectly OKAY. Its a great lip conditioner, and adds subtle gloss to the lips.

The prices are a bit high, but the quality, and service is phenominal. Will I place another order? YES! I can't wait!!

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90's babi said...

Gosh looks good. Another product for me to lust after