Friday, November 21, 2008

Attacking the Issues One Step at a Time

I plan to keep my job at Dick's for a long time. :) I'm confident that I will impress! Well, I've devised a plan to attack the issues I seem to be having in my life. Not mental or anything, just things such as hair, and keeping myself up.

Hair: There are a few products I would like to try, so I've made a list of the things that I know that I will use. I know my hair now, and I know what I need! So here is a wish list:

CoCasta Shikakai Herbal Hair Oil AKA "HairVeda's Liquid GOLD" - $11

Vatika Frosting HairVeda's Enhanced Coconut Oil - $10

Amala Shampoo with Shikakai Extract - $10

SitriNillah Deep Conditioning Masque
- $8.50

This is way cheaper than what I have been using, which is great! Haircare is very important to me, so I really don't mind splurging on my hair.

I also want to try:

Alter Ego Garlic Treatment Conditioner - $35 (Kind of expensive, but I've heard so many great things about it. My hair has been shedding a lot lately, so this is a must have!)

I would also like to try the hydratherma naturals products soon, I think I may just get the growth lotion first!

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