Friday, November 21, 2008

GREAT First day!

I started my new job today, and I only worked two hours, but it was two hours well spent! I got to work the register right on, which was cool. I did get a little nervous, and it is kind of hard remembering everything, but I'm sure I'll have it down packed soon!! I'm off Saturday, but I work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Friday I'm working 10 hours because of Black Friday!! Then, that next Saturday I'm getting 8 hours. Before now I would have been complaining about these type of hours, but I'm taking as much as I can! I know that I have to get my money right, so I'm going to do my thing. I still don't know if I am just seasonal, heck, I don't even know how much I make an hour, but I guess anything is better than nothing. I am going to keep a positive attitude, keep a smile, show my personality, and show these people that I deserve to work there!!! I HAVE TO! :) I am sooo grateful to be employed again!!

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