Monday, December 8, 2008

The End is Near...Well, at Least the End of the Semester

The end of the first semester of college is drawing to an end! I'm so glad! I am sure that my grades will turn out ok. I found out today that if I attend two more concerts for my music appreciation class, and make what I usually make on exams for the final, I'll come out of the class with an A. I plan on Aceing this final exam though. I get paid this week, finally. Ya'll, I am seriously BROKE. I don't have three cents to rub together. I have two, but thats no fun! Anyways, when I get paid this Friday I am going to have to make it STRETCH. I was wanting to get my hair done, but I finally decided that it would save me money in the long run to go ahead and invest in a hooded dryer, and some rollers, so that is what I am going to do. I also decided to Xmay my wishlist below. I don't have the funds to be a product junkie, so I am going to stick with what has been working for me. I will be using the Design Essentials line. This includes the moistuizing shampoo, stimulations moistuizing shampoo (a GREAT conditioner!), Design Essentials Leave-In, Silk Essentials Oil..Excellent!, and Design Essentials reflection spray. I need to restock on the conditioner and oil Friday. I also need to get some type of setting lotion. I will be getting a Gold N' Hot dryer, and some rollers this weekend. I also plan to try the Aphogee 2Min reconstructor, and I will definitley be revisiting an old favorite, ULI Leave in Conditioner. Yummy! I know, I'm just typing away, but I'm on campus, and I don't have another class until 12:45, so I'm Bored!!!

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