Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dick's Sporting Goods

Okay, so I've been working at Dick's Sporting Goods since November 2008. It has been a good experience, in fact, I'll go as far as to say it is the best place I have ever worked at. Up until January, it was great. Can ya'll believe I have only worked 6 hours there since January? It is March! I am broke, and I just hope that when I do get my hours back, that I have the gas to make it there. Everything this is terrible around here. No one is hiring, and people are getting laid off left and right. I'm not complaining, because I'm grateful to still have a job, but I am just frustrated because I can't afford to do anything. I bought a new computer for school, and I am kind of regretting my purchase. I know that I am not going to part ways with my computer, so I guess I'm just going to be broke for the time being. By the way, I didn't get a laptop. I ended up getting a desktop. Its hot though! Also, they changed the release date for The Sims 3 from February 20th, to June 2nd. I was so upset! But it is all good! Everything is Everything!!!

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