Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Dream - Love Vs. Money

Okay, I know I'm late with this review, but I decided better late than never! Everyone knows The Dream by now, and if you don't know him, you've been living under a rock since Summer 07. His first single "Shawdy is the sh!t" was the summer jam! His first album, "Love Hate" was a tough act to follow, with songs like "She Needs My Love", "Purple Kisses", "Playin in her Hair", "I Luv Your Girl" and so many more, that CD is still one of my favorites! OFF THE CHAIN! When me & My cousin went in pursuit of his new CD it was sold out everywhere! We found it though!

The CD flows so well! Sometimes you don't even realize that it has gone to the next song. I also feel like this is a continuation of his first CD, I guess because I just can't seem to let it go. Every track on this CD is off the chain!! We listened to it on the way to Georgia last night, and we stayed crunk. Every song is my favorite, so I will go with choosing my top 3 songs.
  1. Mr. Yeah
  2. Put it Down
  3. Fancy
Some of the songs I definitley recommend this one!! It is hard to come by a CD in which every song is enjoyable!

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