Sunday, March 22, 2009

Keri Hilson - In a Perfect World

Happy Sunday everyone!! I am coming with my first music review, and this is one I just had to do! It is a review of Keri Hilson's (AKA MS. Keri Baby!) In a Perfect World. It officially drops March 24th, 2009, but the tracks are available for our listening pleasure on her music myspace page. I am honestly very impressed with this album! Sometimes it seems that artist promote one good song, and then you go and get the CD and it is pure garbage. Ms. Keri has not only had a few hits, but I'll go as far as to call "Energy" an anthem! Now we already know that she can write, but her vocals are far from mediocre. She put all of her skills into this CD, and you can tell that it was nursed. I first heard of her on TRL, and I thought she had a real cool personality, then she was on Rich Boys, "Good Things". She has also been on tracks with Timbaland and Nas, so she isn't playing any games!

This is the first Freshman album that I have ever heard that has so many big names on it! Lil Wayne, Keyshia Cole, Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Timbaland, & Akon are all featured on her album. I haven't read the credits yet, but it sounds like Timbaland produced most of the songs. There are fourteen songs, including the into, and each one of them are hot. She definitley has some hit singles on this CD, and I can't wait until she puts them out there. My favorite song so far is "Make Love." She also has video to that song with Kanye West, which is very cute!

Keri Hilson is on the right track to becoming a superstar! She dissed one of R&B's Divas (still unsure as to whom it was..Beyonce', Ciara, IDK?), and then came out with a video/commercial with Kanye as the leading man. She knows what she is doing! I can officially say that I am a fan!

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