Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Much Is Going On...

Sunday, a friend of mines lost her seventeen year old sister in a car accident. I went to school with her, and it feels so unreal. Our community has been so torn up about it. It is just so hard to believe that one minute someone could be there, and they can get taken away from you so fast. It has also been very hard to deal with because she was so young.

In February four girls were killed in a single car accident, when the vehicle they were in hit a tree. There was only one survivor.About two weeks ago, a thirteen year old girl was killed after she stole her mothers car, and flipped it. In December 2008 two sisters were killed in a single car accident, when the vehicle they were in hit a pole. There was one survivor in that accident as well. That is a total of eight teenage deaths in the past four months due to car accidents, in my area alone.

This is really bothering me. All of these accidents were caused by inexperience. Should teens start learning to drive earlier? People say that they should raise the legal driving age, but that would just mean that we have a bunch of twenty year old inexperienced drivers, right? All of these accidents could have been prevented. I don't know much about the girl stealing her mothers car, that may be a different story. These accidents are bizarre.

Everything that has happened has really made me sit back and think about the things that I am doing with my life. Tomorrow is not promised to me, and I know that I have let myself get stressed about stupid things. I'm going to try my best not to dwell on things that are irrelevant, and simply won't matter. I have been so sad these past few days, thinking about all of this. I really just needed to vent about it. It is like, "What's going to happen next?"

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