Monday, April 6, 2009

Random Rambling: 4/05/2009

The Lord works in mysterious ways! On Friday, just when I thought my life was spinning out of control, I received a check in the mail from school, and I was able to get on track with my credit card bills. I also received a few more hours at work, and although I may not get any next week, maybe things will progress. I am looking forward to actually having money to spend on the things that I want to spend. I have been picking up a few things, and I placed an order for some crown brushes, so they should be here soon. I am also planning to either visit the MAC and Sephora stores, or place orders online. I know exactly what I want, and I am working on a budget. lol. I will not go over board like I did the last time I went over there. I really need to be doing my school work, but I am not in the mood! I really can't wait to go to The Summit, so that I can do just a tiny bit of shopping. lol.

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