Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just a quick Update

HEEEEY!! I feel like I’ve been gone for a minute! Right now I’m in the process of completely reorganizing my room, which includes emptying all of the drawers, and deciding what I do and don’t need. I am so excited because as far as I know, I will be in Tuscaloosa in January, and I simply can’t wait!! I am going to continue with my Youtube videos, but since I am getting a new camera, I will be borrowing my relatives cameras : ). I plan on getting myself a new camera sometime next month! I also plan on buying me some new shoes, and maybe a pair of jeans, definitely some jewelry, and the crest whitening system, and some makeup!! I also need a few other things, but I’m only spending as little as possible. I still need to get ready to move and all of that goodness. WELL, I’m sitting here in these flexi rod rollers looking crazy, and trying to avoid the rest of my room, but it must be done, so Toodles!!

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