Thursday, September 10, 2009

Late Night Special

Its almost 5 in the morning and I’m still up. WTF??? ugh! I think I have a sleeping disorder. I’m still thinking about school and going away and everything. I’m excited, so excited that I can’t stop thinking about it to go to sleep like a normal person. I’m going to do a little bit of dorm shopping this weekend, mostly for storage type things since it is on sale. I think I’m going to wait and talk to my future roommate before I get a comforter and stuff, because I will not be able to tolerate a tacky room. I also plan on getting the new 5th generation iPod nano this weekend. My iPod nano is 2nd generation, and its time to get a new one. I’m going to get the pink one. It has a video camera on it, which is so cool! I’m going to save up my money so that I can get the camera that I want instead of just settling for one. I know I did a long post about cameras, but I really want the Cyber shot h20, so I’m going to save up for it and hopfully I’ll have it by Christmas.

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Mz. SassynKlassy said...

How is school going? Do you love your Ipod? I didn't know they made Ipods with cameras!!! How did you decorate your room? Sorry I've been gone so long! LOVE YA!